Proposal of Multimedia and Human Interaction 2017 (COMP6341)

A. Background

The term of “Game-based learning” nowadays become more popular and reasonable. In majority, some parents believe that games are not enemies again for their children. Playing game may be something which can enhance a child’s learning and development. Therefore, in these current final project we want to create an educational game for Kindergartners. In addition, the game should be fun to play, not boring to be re-play, and provide important values of learning for the kids.

B. Project Description

The game that we are making called “Game++”. In this game, it consists of 3 mini games.

  1. “Memory game”, the mechanism will be same as a normal memory game, which we need to match two objects that have same shape or color. In the beginning, all objects are covered by a box.
  2. “Catch The Shape”, in this game, the player need to allocate an object to a place that have similar basic shape.
  3. “RollOut”, the idea of the game is to make a good reflect and to train their concentration.  The player need to avoid all obstacles in the field.

C. Project Scope

1. Project Goal
The goal of this project is to create a complete game which can be shared to play and to implement basic knowledge about multimedia system.

2. Deliverable

  1. Game sprites design: Player character, Environment
  2. UI Elements: Front page, Main Menu, Settings
  3. Game programming to be integrated with sprites
  4. Audio: Sound Effects, Music

D. Development Enviroment

Software used

  1. Game Engine: Construct 2
  2. Image Editing: Adobe Photoshop CC
  3. Audio Editing: Adobe Audition CC
  4. Audio Compression: FormatFactory

E. Team Members

  1. Hansvin Tandi Sugata (2001586685)
  2. Muhammad Yahya Harlan (2001600084)


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